Friday, April 1, 2011

Feature of the Week

Every Friday I will showcase one of my follower's so we can find out more about them and their art. This is our first lucky person to be featured on my blog:

Hello, my name is Brienna (“Brie” like the cheese, though ironically I’m lactose intolerant). I'm a surrealist painter and I live in England with my husband. My acrylic work is a “curious” world where birds have human faces and tulips wear dresses. I use our animal and plant counterparts as symbols in order to examine human social structures and complex relationships. I want us to appreciate other living beings and empathize with their struggles just as we would our own.

Animals and plants have always been dear to me, having grown up in the woods of Virginia with an assortment of pets.
I find that we relate to human narratives more deeply when told through our animal and plant counterparts and so I paint them to help us understand ourselves. I received my MFA in Painting at Savannah College of Art and Design and my BFA in Studio Art and Creative Writing from Sweet Briar College. I met my wonderful husband and best friend when we were both studying abroad at the University of Oxford. I also trained with a Grand Master in Vietnamese Powerful King Yoga and have been practicing yoga for over fifteen years. I had the pleasure of teaching college art courses in Virginia and currently work as an artist in Cambridge, UK.

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  1. I'm so very touched you would post a lovely feature Sarah, thank you so much and I adore your sweet animal creations.