Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Busy little bee

This week is flying by, I feel like a hamster in a wheel who isn't getting anywhere! I just found out that I am 15 classes away from graduating college with my Bachelors, it kind of makes all these tests and research papers almost worth it.

I spent this week creating two treasuries on here's a quick peak of some of the items inside:

April Showers Bring Mayflowers:

Birds of a Feather Flock Together:

I reached 100 fans on Facebook today thanks from a little help from Mommy Haven, she has a great following of Mothers and Mothers-to-be reading her reviews on all different types of child items. Here's a link to her blog if you want to check it out:
As a thank you I'm offering a 20% discount for my entire shop, just add the coupon code FACEBOOK1 to the end of your order.

I gotta run, dinner is almost ready, but I'll be back tomorrow, with the new recipe I'm trying.


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