Saturday, April 16, 2011

Feature of the Week

Wow Week 3 already? Every Friday I will showcase one of my follower's so we can find out more about them and their art. This is the third lucky person to be featured on my blog. BEWARE: there are tons of pictures this week, I couldn't bare to choose:

I’m Dotti Berry and this is my work. I'm a professional artist who has been pleasantly obsessed with vibrant colors and quirky design for years. Since I was very young, I’ve painted and drawn continuously. I am a trained artist. Few people appreciate disobedient artists wandering around freely. (I'm just sayin'...)

My paintings are of things which bring me joy in our beautiful environment. My craft is more whimsical and made to share gentle humor and laughter. I may be in the minority of artists when I say, “I hope my work makes you laugh!” I like to smile and share my offbeat sense of humor in my craft in particular.

Nature is my main inspiration so when I can I find somewhere to walk, hike, or get in, on, or near the water. My sketchbook and paints are always with me! I've been known to paint or sketch craft designs on a trail, from the water, in a car perched in ridiculously unlikely spots...I'll even paint outdoors at night. I get design
ideas from our beautiful and lush environment, and I hope you sense joy in my whimsical interpretation of it in my crafts.

I particularly enjoy working with others in life and in art, and teaching art to students. I have worked extensively with underserved students in inner city schools, and presently I teach art in a museum to students visiting from all over my state.

I have a B.F.A. and a B.S. (in design). I have attended Silvermine School of Art and Brookfield Craft Center in Connecticut, and Louisiana State University, where I was awarded the Dean's Medal for the School of Art, College of Design. My work has won many awards and is in private collections across the U.S. and beyond, and is in shops and art festivals in my region.

If you want to read a little more about me, you can visit My Linkedint

And check out more of my work at My Etsy Shops here and here!

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