Friday, March 25, 2011


Seeing as this is my first blog, let me take a minute to introduce myself.

My name is Sarah, but you can call me Teslas, I've had the crafting bug ever since I can remember. Growing up I've learned it all, from bead working, to scrap booking, to wood working. I picked up crocheting as a way to stick with my diet, as a current culinary student I packed on a little more then the freshman 15 (if you catch my drift). Crocheting is a way to keep my distracted long enough not to keep sticking my hand in the back of chips.

Yep, I'm a twenty year old college student, and if that isn't difficult enough, I have little to no financial support from my family, living in my own apartment, and having a very restricted schedule making even a part time job nearly impossible. So this is not just a hobby for me. The investment that you make in my products for your home helps to provide for my family. I strive very hard to live debt-free. Even living a very financially conservative lifestyle, it's still difficult to make ends meet.

I have an amazing boyfriend who I met in college, I invited him over for Mac and Cheese one night, and we've been inseparable ever since. We moved to Orlando, FL in 2009 to work for Walt Disney World, (and Universal Studios, which is less important) and left our hearts there when we came back in 2011 to continue school.

I hope to be posting two to three times a week on topics involving upcoming crafts, projects, sales, giveaways and more. And on Fridays I will be featuring one of your blogs, fan groups or website to help promote your unique crafts so feel free to comment and message me often.

See you all soon.


  1. Good Job Teslas! It's fun writing blogs isn't it! You should do a little video of your plastic bag creations. I think people would love to see that!

  2. I really like that suggestion and I'm up to the challenge. Check back soon to see the finished product.